The 4 dangers of choosing the wrong hearing aid.

After reading, you will be able to choose the right hearing aid that will give you years of trouble-free enjoyment. It can only become fun because you will understand very well what to pay attention to. This way you can focus on what is important to you and what the hearing aid should be able to do for you. Only in this way will you choose the ideal hearing aid with which you can do all kinds of things and which will make it pleasant again to sit back and chat with your friends! You will not miss any more jokes and you will be much more a part of everything that is going on around you

Read the top 4 pitfalls of buying a non-hearing aid! We will point out points you would never think about because it is a whole new world for you!

Danger 1: You hear even worse!

Yes it is possible !! You can of course hear worse. If your hearing aid then no longer works properly, it is very annoying because then the hearing aid ends up in one of your cupboards.

Below we will explain a number of situations for you:

1: the hearing aid can no longer be properly adjusted

This can happen just like that if you don’t choose the right hearing aid. If your hearing deteriorates and you have a very simple hearing aid, it is difficult for the hearing care professional to get the sound better for you. It is important that the correct hearing aid can be set properly for you. Just like music, set your equalizer properly .. after all, you want to hear the music not too sharp but with a nice bass. It’s exactly the same with hearing aids. The better hearing aids have many frequencies to set and these will make the sound more beautiful or louder for you. Take, for example, this extensively adjustable hearing aid!

2: You are short of sound because you are at the maximum gain

You should always keep in mind that your hearing aid can provide a lot of amplification. Suppose you know that your hearing has deteriorated somewhat every year in recent years. Then it is smart to look at a hearing aid that contains a lot of power. The hearing care professional can then always turn up the volume if necessary without the hearing aid distorting the sound. Think of it as a kind of roof against which the reinforcement can run into. Then the sound does not get better and it looks like a radio that is incorrectly adjusted. Here is a link to one of our power hearing aids that can handle a lot of sound.

3: You cannot operate your hearing aid yourself

If you can’t change the setting yourself, that’s super awkward. For example, if you temporarily hear worse because you have an ear infection, then of course you want to be able to operate it yourself when necessary. Nowadays you can easily control a hearing aid yourself from your smartphone. You can connect this device below via bluetooth to your smartphone. Then you can easily adjust the volume. Or, you create your own sound program and save it in the app, which you can use to control your hearing aid yourself. If you hear less and want to hear some extra high tones because you cannot hear your girlfriend, you can choose the sound that you have set yourself in a separate listening program in an instant.

Danger 2: Everything in my life has changed!

Who knows, you might change jobs, go live abroad, go from a very quiet life to a super social life in which you have much more contact with people. Then this is quite exciting! If you also have a problem that your hearing aids cannot handle these changes, then that is disturbing and you are not waiting for that!

Below we explain a number of situations for you:

1: Another job

If you change jobs and come to work in a busy situation and your hearing aid cannot automatically adjust, you will hear too many noises instead of the conversations you want to hear. Well, then you really don’t want to wear a hearing aid that just makes everything sound louder to you. Then you want the best hearing aid that can very well direct the microphones to the speaker / colleagues you want to hear, because all that noise around it is less important.

These hearing aids are examples where the hearing aid adapts itself to the environment:

Phonak Audeo M90 R

Starkey Evolv AI 2400 RIC R-rechargeable

Widex Moment 440 RIC-312 Direct Streaming Z Rechargeable

Are you going to use your mobile phone a lot at your new employer? You cannot connect a device without Bluetooth capabilities to your mobile. Then hands-free calling is not possible. With a nice hearing aid with which you can do that, you have your hands free to continue with your work and you immediately score points for your new job! The 3 links mentioned above are also the best hearing aids that connect via bluetooth. your phone !!

2: Moving abroad

If you are going to live abroad and your hearing aids need to be adjusted, that is of course quite inconvenient. Fortunately, there are hearing aids that can be adjusted remotely. Your own trusted hearing care professional in the Netherlands can then log in behind his PC, and with a simple action we can make contact with your hearing aids. This of course saves a lot of time and work because otherwise you have to go out yourself and find a hearing care professional who can adjust your devices.

3: It must be invisible

If you are really in the situation that for whatever reason it is very important that no one can see that you are wearing a hearing aid, the best solution is Lyric. This is because it is completely deep in your ear, nobody will see it. See the link below with all the information about this top device!

Danger 3: you quickly suffer from ear infections and / or you are sensitive to certain materials

Below we explain a number of situations for you:

1: Sensitive to ear infections?

If you quickly suffer from ear infections, it is important that you leave some space in your ear canal for sufficient ventilation. If you are going to shut it down completely, an inflammatory reaction can occur more quickly. So make sure that your hearing aid in the ear can breathe sufficiently and is not completely closed. Correct venting is important. It should also not be too open in your ears because then you will lose sound and the hearing aid will beep, you don’t want that!

2: Do you quickly get irritations behind your ear?

Suppose you wear glasses and you sometimes get some itching from the temple behind your ear, then it is of course smart to look for the smallest hearing aid behind your ear. This reduces the chance that you will get irritation behind your ear, for example. Or, you choose a small hearing aid that disappears into your ear canal. This way you avoid any contact with the skin outside your ear! See here a small in-ear hearing aid

3: Material allergy

Every hearing aid that you wear behind your ears has a connection to your ear canal. In your ear canal there is a custom-made earmold, or an open cap. The latter is of course the wisest to wear. This keeps the ear canal very open. If you close it completely in your ear, everything will quickly sound too dull again. Many people complain about their own voice. It then sounds like you are in a hollow space.

Danger 4: You need more than just a hearing aid?

1: When you have to meet a lot

Then it is nice to have a small microphone that you can place on the table and determine for yourself which direction you want to receive amplified in your hearing aids. Your hearing aid must be compatible with such a device.

See here a link to a gadget that you can put on the table, the roger select

2: Your hobby is watching netflix and listening to music!

Make sure that you can buy a device in addition to your hearing aids that you can connect to the television. This way you get the sound of your favorite series directly into your hearing aids. It would be a shame if the hearing aids cannot do this. You can also connect them to your iPad so that you can play Spotify in your hearing aids.

3: Replace those batteries over and over again.

Hearing aids work on very small batteries. These batteries are empty within a week. If you are somewhere and you suddenly have to replace your battery, that is of course very annoying. That’s why there are rechargeable hearing aids today. You put this in a charger in the evening, and ready to put it in in the morning! You can then work with it for a full day. Here is an example of a hearing aid charger.

Get rid of all those dangers !! So when choosing a hearing aid, make sure you are well informed and pay attention to the following

  • Is there enough room in the hearing aid for deterioration? Can I get a lot of amplification?
  • Are there bluetooth capabilities on my hearing aid
  • Does the hearing aid adapt well to the environment in which I find myself
  • Is the hearing aid not too big / or too small behind my ear
  • Can there be an app on my smartphone to control my hearing aids
  • Is invisibility important to me
  • I am in a lot of busy situations where I need to be able to hear as much as possible
  • Can my hearing aid be adjusted remotely
  • Does the hearing aid have a nice sound so that music sounds pleasant
  • I am not bothered by my own voice because of too much blocking
  • Does the hearing aid not beep too quickly because it is too loose / open in my ear
  • Can I charge the hearing aid instead of separate batteries
  • Can I connect to my phone / TV so I can stream music

With all the above information, you can now feel confident looking for the best hearing aid that suits you best. This will prevent you from walking around with a beeping device. Or, you want to stream music in your hearing aids, but your devices do not have Bluetooth functions. That would be a waste!

In the search that will follow for you, you will come across all kinds of different hearing aids. To help you on your way, we give you our tailor-made advice!

This way you are not in danger of buying the wrong hearing aid that you will regret later.

Buy a hearing aid?

You can also compare hearing aids via this link. You can indicate which functions are important to you and which result in the best hearing aid! Now you have a lot of knowledge in house and you are well informed about how to buy the best device that suits you best!

Have fun listening for later and enjoy your fine new hearing aids.

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