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Starkey Livio Edge AI 2400 BTE R - Rechargeable

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For hearing aids, this price is per hearing aid.

  • fall detection and alarm
  • translation into no fewer than 27 languages
  • multi-functional hearing aid
  • stream on both ears at the same time
  • various accessories possible
  • cros compatible
With hearing aids: 1st adjustment included.
Free chat service with audiologist 7 days a week until 22:00
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2 year guarantee on all hearing aids.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Pros and Cons


Starkey Livio EDGE AI hearing aid
The Starkey Livio EDGE AI is a successor to the Livio AI 2400. And has a number of extra options and benefits more. The Starkey Livio EDGE AI hearing aid is a 'Healthable ™' that tracks the brain and the health of the body. The Livio EDGE AI hearing aids are revolutionary and are the first hearing aid that can also be worn by people without hearing damage. That is why it is no longer called a hearing aid, but a 'wearable' or 'healthable'. The Starkey Livio EDGE AI is equivalent to the Marvel Phonak Marvel series. The hearing aids have many similar functionalities, but the Starkey Livio EDGE AI goes beyond the functionalities of online hearing aid. Furthermore, the hearing aid is equipped with the “Hearing reality Pro” system, which makes the device even better able to recognize the different environments and adjust the sound accordingly. The hearing aid is distinguished by the following functionalities: Heart rate monitor *. Translation into 27 languages ​​**. Traceable and an alarm system when you fall. Thrive ™. Virtual Assistant: ask 'voice' questions Speech to Text transcription, Remotely adjustable. Best tested with speech in noise (speech understanding). 5 years warranty. Option: rechargeable variant. Good hearing is only one part of a good, healthy life. This hearing aid also gives you advice on the rest of your well-being. Below we will describe the unique functionalities in detail.

Thrive Care
Thrive Care provides peace of mind for the people you share information with. For example, a caregiver or an informal caregiver. At the same time, it helps you to remain confident and independent. With Thrive Care, you can share useful data such as your physical activity, hearing aid use and social interaction with people you choose. You control what you share from your Thrive app. Available exclusively on Livio Edge AI hearing aids.

AI technology supports you in tricky listening environments with just a little tap on your hearing aid. The hearing aid uses artificial intelligence to scan the environment to make immediate adjustments. This way you get help when you need it most. This next generation of sound processing is only available on Livio Edge AI.

Thrive Voice Control
Using Thrive Assistant, you can ask questions about many more than just your hearing aid. For example, ask what the weather forecast is or the fastest route home.

Collaboration with an Orcam
Ideal for people with a visual impairment, a small camera can be placed on glasses. it communicates with the Starkey Livio Edge IA. Possibilities to transfer text to spoken word in the hearing aid, has facial recognition, recognition of money and can recognize products using a barcode and pass them on to the hearing aid.

Thrive ™ Virtual Assistant
Do you have any questions about the device while wearing the Starkey Livio EDGE AI? By tapping the hearing aid twice, you can ask questions about the functionalities of your healthable. The answer is told through voice in your hearing aid.

Balance App
Balance training can reduce the risk of falls. With the new smartphone Balance App from Starkey (available mid-2020), the wearer can also train balance. The sensors in the hearing aids keep track of progression in balance, stability and strength. Via the App, the user receives feedback on how things are progressing.

Translation in no less than 27 languages ​​**
Crazy about traveling, but do you find it difficult to make yourself understood abroad? The Starkey Livio EDGE AI changes that. The hearing aid can understand up to 27 languages! When you are talking to someone, your healthable analyzes the language of your conversation partner. The conversation is then translated into Dutch in your ear. Of course you want to be able to talk back and that is also possible. Talk back to this person in Dutch and have the translation read to your conversation partner via the Starkey Thrive app. The translation appears as a subtitle in the app, as it were. Due to this revolutionary development, the hearing aid will not only be worn by the hearing impaired. Even with good hearing, this hearing aid can prevent difficult conversations in a foreign language! ** Only in combination with an iPhone

Heart rate monitor*
As mentioned earlier, the Starkey Livio EDGE AI is also called a healthable. The hearing aid can be equipped with a heart rate monitor *. Due to the many sensors in the hearing aid, the hearing aid can tell you at the end of the day whether you have had enough exercise. Is this not the case? Then you know that you need to exercise more the next day to develop a healthier lifestyle. * Only in combination with the Rechargeable Livio EDGE AI 2400 RIC R and a custom earpiece.

Traceable and an alarm system when you fall
Dementia can sometimes cause confused people to lose track of where they put their hearing aids. Fortunately, the Starkey Livio EDGE AI is traceable. As a result, the hearing aids can be found via the Thrive app in Google Maps. Another possible situation is that the person falls and cannot get help because there are no people around. When the person falls, a message is sent via the alarm system to a maximum of three contacts. The contact persons are notified that the person has fallen and where he or she is located. The fallen person immediately receives a notification in their ear that the messages have been sent and received. That way he or she knows that help is on the way!

When you have an important conversation, for example at the doctor's, you can sometimes no longer remember what exactly was told due to the large amount of information afterwards. The Starkey Livio EDGE AI will remember this for you. The healthable can record the result or information from the doctor and then convert it into a written text. Have this e-mailed to yourself and take a moment to read what has been said.

Remotely adaptable
Imagine you are in a restaurant and you can enjoy the conversation of your party. cannot understand properly, because the settings of your hearing aid are incorrect. With many other hearing aids, there is not much you can do about it at that time, so you visit the hearing care professional the next day. The Starkey Livio EDGE AI is remotely adjustable. This means that you can contact your hearing care professional to adjust the settings. Contact the Online Hearing Aid hearing care professionals, indicate what needs to be changed and have it adjusted immediately. You can then let us know whether or not you are satisfied after the adjustments. You can therefore be sure that your hearing aid now has the correct settings!

Service of Online Hearing Aid
The Starkey Livio EDGE AI hearing aid is the Livio AI named the best hearing aid for conversations in noisy situations (speech understanding). Have you become enthusiastic after reading the unique Starkey Livio EDGE AI hearing aid and are you curious about what this hearing aid can offer you? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Pros and Cons

  • fall detection and alarm
  • translation into no fewer than 27 languages
  • multi-functional hearing aid
  • stream on both ears at the same time
  • various accessories possible
  • cros compatible

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