Signia Silk 7x: 3 reasons why this will be your new hearing aid

A small hearing aid, hidden deep in the ear canal. Now you probably think, but the hearing aid is really invisible. Not quite, it is almost invisible. The only thing you can see when I look at the side of your ear is a beige or black colored cover also called the faceplate that holds the battery for your hearing aid to function. The hearing aid itself that partially disappears into the ear canal is red and blue. Red indicates that the hearing aid is for your right ear and blue for your left ear. As soon as both hearing aids are in your ears, you will no longer see these colors. See the benefits below.


  • Almost invisible. Immediately ready for use thanks to the click sleeves in different sizes.
  • Speech function, this allows you to hear the voices again in noise, which ensures excellent
  • listening quality.
  • Tinnitus program to create more peace of mind thanks to the calm soft tones in the background.
  • Use the Cros Silk X if you can only understand on one side.
  • Remote control use via the Signia app and the MiniPocket.
  • TeleCare for remote support from your hearing care professional.


Read on to find out why you should try the Signia Silk 7 X.

Another advantage is that it is immediately ready for use without you having to wait long for it. Thanks to the soft silicone sleeves, the Silk X is immediately ready for use. A sleeve is a rubber cap that you click on the hearing aid. Because each ear canal is different in size, these sleeves are available in 4 different sizes. Depending on your hearing loss, we can determine which type of sleeve you need to hear optimally. You can easily click the sleeve onto the Signia Silk 7 X yourself.

Signia Silk 7X

But how should the Signia Silk actually sound? The sound sounds natural and thanks to the advanced speech function you are able to hear conversations when you are walking down a busy street or in the pub with friends. We all know that having a conversation with a lot of ambient noise requires a lot of effort and concentration from you. But thanks to the new technology, this hearing aid ensures that you can understand without all the amplification of all the unnecessary voices and noise around you. How nice is that!

The Silk 7 X is suitable for people who have a hearing loss on both sides, or who have a good ear and a bad ear. But what if you have a deaf ear and a good ear. Then you can also wear the Silk 7 X in combination with the Cros Silk X. The Cros Silk X actually ensures that you can clearly hear the conversations and sounds from both sides. That means if I speak in your ear that is deaf, you can hear me through your good ear that contains the Silk 7 X. You can test whether you like this without obligation.

Do you have a lot of tinnitus, an annoying beep or a hum that you hear continuously, then definitely try out the Signia Silk X. By hearing the soft calm tones in the background, it ensures that your tinnitus, a beep, hum are less distracting. The tinnitus itself will never go away completely, the soft, calm tones in the background will give you a little more peace of mind.

There is no program button on the Signia Silk X. If you want to be able to change programs in any desired listening situation, you can use a MiniPocket. The MiniPocket is a small remote control that you can hang on your key ring and take with you very easily. You see 3 buttons on the MiniPocket remote control. Two buttons that you can use to increase or decrease the volume. And a button with the letter P which indicates that this is the program button. With the program button you can, among other things, control your tinnitus program, or you can go to a comfort mode if you are in a very noisy situation.

It is also possible to download the Signia App. This is possible with both Apple IOS and Android. You can download the app from the Apple App store or the Android Google Play store. The app is free. Because you almost always have your smartphone with you, you can also control the volume and programs thanks to the app. You do not need a MiniPocket remote control for this.

Another advantage is that you can immediately receive remote assistance thanks to the Signia App. We as hearing care professionals can then help you immediately by remotely connecting and adjusting your hearing aids. How nice is that. If you don’t have time to visit the store, we can always help you wherever you are.

Try the Signia Silk 7 X now, we are very curious about your experience!

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