Opn S miniRITE R chestnut brownOpn S miniRITE R terracottaOpn S miniRITE R diamond blackOpn S miniRITE R silverOpn S miniRITE R chroma beigeOpn S miniRITE R silver greyOpn S miniRITE R steel greyOOR AHOOOR AHO 2
  • Opn S miniRITE R chestnut brown
  • Opn S miniRITE R terracotta
  • Opn S miniRITE R diamond black
  • Opn S miniRITE R silver
  • Opn S miniRITE R chroma beige
  • Opn S miniRITE R silver grey
  • Opn S miniRITE R steel grey
  • OOR AHO 2
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Oticon Opn S 1 MiniRITE R - Rechargeable


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For hearing aids, this price is per hearing aid.

About the Oticon Opn S hearing aid With the Opn S platform from Oticon, the Danish company has taken a whole new path, namely the made for iPhone. The Opn S also works with so-called directional directional microphones to mainly amplify voices coming from the front, just like with the previous Oticon Opn platform. Oticon, […]
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Pros and Cons


About the Oticon Opn S hearing aid

With the Opn S platform from Oticon, the Danish company has taken a whole new path, namely the made for iPhone. The Opn S also works with so-called directional directional microphones to mainly amplify voices coming from the front, just like with the previous Oticon Opn platform. Oticon, on the other hand, works with the theory to also allow voices to enter the room from other places. This also allows you to understand people behind and next to you. By allowing the sound to pass through as cleanly as possible, you can filter and select yourself.

The Oticon Opn S ensures that disturbing noises such as noise and ambient sounds that you do not want to hear are removed from the reproduced sound. This significantly improves understanding


Oticon Opn S hearing aids

In our range we have four types of Opn S hearing aids, namely Opn S miniRITE, Opn S miniRITE T, Opn S miniRITE R rechargeable and Opn S Plus Power. Most Opn S hearing aids are RIC devices with a speaker. The Opn S Plus Power, on the other hand, is a conventional hearing aid that can be adjusted with a size earpiece or universally with a so-called thin tube. The Opn S mini-rite and mini-rite T hearing aids have a speaker in the ear that can be used for mild to severe hearing losses. It is an unobtrusive hearing solution that can be adjusted with a size earpiece or universally. The devices have a very high dust and water resistance (IP68).
You can order a charger with the Opn S mini-rite hearing aids, so you do not have to insert new batteries in your hearing aid at an inconvenient time. The use of this charger is also a much more environmentally friendly alternative to zinc-air batteries. The batteries are fully recyclable and only need to be replaced once a year.

New technologies of the Oticon Opn S

The Oticon Opn S hearing aids can be connected directly with an app. your iPhone and Android phone. In the case of an iPhone, you can even make phone calls and listen to music through the hearing aid without the intervention of other hearing aid accessories. The slogan of the new Oticon Opn S hearing aid is for a reason: Made for iPhone. If you lose your hearing aid, your phone remembers where the last connection with your hearing aid was. This increases the chance of finding it again.

Other advantages of the Oticon Opn S are:
- You can receive the television or radio wirelessly on your hearing aids by means of accessories.
- You you can adjust your hearing aids with both iOS phones and Android phones.
- There is both a RIC version and a BTE version of the Opn S. In other words: it can be customized with an earpiece, or invisible and universal with a thin speaker and universal dome.

Improvements through software updates

With the new Oticon Opn S, Oticon continues to work on the software, as a result of which there are always updates in the software. As a result, the devices are constantly being improved and functions are being added. This is the first hearing aid that no longer whistles and therefore gives no feedback. This is very nice, especially if you order online, because you can be sure that you do not need additional visits to a hearing care professional afterwards.

Think of noise reduction, wind noise suppression and speech amplifiers. In all technologies there is a possibility to move high tones to the low tones. This system has been developed for hearing impaired people who hear the high tones very badly. Instead of amplifying these frequencies, they are moved to an area of ​​better hearing, resulting in less distortion and more understanding. Each version also includes a tinnitus mask.

About the Oticon brand

For Oticon, optimal sound quality is not only important, they want to offer every person the best possible quality of life. Oticon wants to help people with hearing loss reach their full potential, without being hindered by their hearing. To achieve this, Oticon delivers the most advanced, innovative technologies. People are the starting point of Oticon. People First is the promise that is reflected in the logo. When developing new Oticon products, the individual needs and wishes of people with hearing loss are paramount. Oticon wants to help people not only hear better, but also live more. This has resulted in high-quality hearing solutions with the most advanced technology and audiology. In doing so, they are constantly evolving to offer even better hearing solutions in the future.

Is the Oticon Opn S a device for you?

Are you interested in trying the new Oticon Opn S? Order directly online or contact us! For questions about the new Oticon hearing aids, you can always contact our customer service.


Additional information

Binaural Streaming


Fast Charging


Fall detection


Hearing loss

Heavy, Light, Mediocre, Medium Weight

Heart rate monitor


Release year


Noise canceling


translation function


Personal assistant


Type of battery

accu, accu

Type of hearing aid

Speaker in the ear (SITE / RIC)


Chestnut Brown 93, Chroma Beige 90, Diamond Black 63, Silver 44, Silver Grey 91, Steel Grey 92, Terracotta 94

Color pallet - 1

Beige, Black, Brown, Gray


Opn S / Xceed, Oticon

Can be linked to Iphone?


Can be linked to android?




Find my hearing aid


iOS apps can be linked

Yes, Yes

Can be linked to apps

Yes, Yes

Separate volume switch


Buttons (program/volume)




Moisture/dust resistant


Child friendly

No, No

Indirect equip. compat.


Battery Indicator Light


Data logging

Yes, Yes

Noise/tinnitus mask


Suitable for music


Frequency shift


Feedback suppressor


Suppressing impulse noises


Wind noise reduction


Echo reduction

No, No

Auto Environment. Adapt.

5, 5

Binaural communication

Yes, Yes

Binaural Synchronization

Yes, Yes

Speech recognition


Location recognition


CROS / BICROS Compatible

Yes, Yes

Remotely adaptable

No, No

Remote software update?


Mic in all directions


Made for iPhone

Y, Y





Max manual programs

4, 4

Overall rating

4.5, 4.5



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