Online-HearingAids.com comes with hearing aid for East Indian deafness

April 2021 – Research from Scrivens Hearing Care shows that on average men do not receive a conversation seven times a week and women six times. This phenomenon is popularly called East Indian deafness. OnlineHearing Aid will launch the first hearing aid in the world in early April that proves to be effective in people who are East Indies deaf. The innovative hearing aid recognizes when the user hears something but does not absorb the content. The device then emits a beep that cannot be ignored, which activates the brain in such a way that the user can hear what is spoken. With an extra push on the device, the user then hears again what has just been said. The hearing aid can also be used with children.

Selective hearing or hearing impairment

Selective hearing is sometimes mentioned as a complaint by partners of people with a hearing loss. However, it can also be hearing loss. With hearing loss, someone does not hear certain tones more or less well. It is important to determine whether there is hearing loss or selective hearing. A hearing test can help. If there is no hearing loss, then it is selective hearing.

Hearing selectively, or East Indian deaf, means ‘pretending you don’t hear someone asking you something or saying something to you’. Where the saying comes from is not entirely clear. It dates back to the 19th century.

Tips for selective hearing

The new hearing aid from Online-HearingAids.com is a solution. The hearing care professionals at OnlineHoortoestel have a few other tips to combat East Indian deafness.

  • Before starting a story, draw your attention to avoid having to repeat everything again.
  • Take a walk together, this removes common distractions (television, telephone, game consoles, etc.).
  • Try to pay attention to what kinds of topics your partner is wandering off and only discuss these topics if you have the full attention of your conversation partner.
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