Four warning signs that you may need a hearing aid… 

4 signs that you are due for a hearing aid.

The new generation of hearing aids?

Tegenwoordig zie je veel jongeren rondlopen met draadloze oortjes. Dat is waarschijnlijk ook opgevallen bij een aantal grote hoortoestelfabrikanten, want recentelijk zijn er een aantal hoortoestellen op de markt gekomen waar je bijna van zou zeggen dat het geen hoortoestellen zijn, maar earbuds. In deze blog lichten we er een paar uit en gaan we in op de voor- en nadelen van deze earbuds.

“Ho, Ho…. Huh?!”

The holidays are around the corner again! And that means, of course, that everyone comes back together; dinner, supper, New Year’s Parties … we all know that. But as a hearing impaired person it could be exactly the thing, you are afraid of. But why? And which hearing aids are best suited for these situations, we will tell you in this blog.

Why it’s smart to buy a hearing aid this year!

Ice creams are sold mainly in summer, when people are in need of cooling off. The gyms fill up again just before summer, so everyone can hit the beach with a toned body. And hearing aids? These are mainly ordered at the end of the year. Why is this? And why is it wise to buy a hearing aid this year? We’ll tell you in this blog.

The new hearing aid models Phonak Audéo Lumity, Phonak Audéo Fit and more …

Never before has Phonak introduced so many new products in one year, and all during its 75th anniversary. To crown this anniversary year, Phonak is launching the Lumity series, its latest premium line that succeeds the highly successful Paradise series.

The dangers of falling

This blog article is about the dangers of falls and how hearing care professionals can play a big role in educating clients with some degree of hearing loss about the risks of falling.

What is Child Welfare Organisation Nepal?

What is Child Welfare Organisation Nepal and Why are we paying so much attention to it lately? We will explain that through this blog.

A family with a mission: ‘Good hearing for everyone’

In 2023 the employees will travel to Nepal. Together with local activists, they will host a “Week of Hearing” there. We don’t only go to Nepal. The idea is the result of a mission, we have for 45 years.

What are speakers, filters and domes?

You may have wondered what filters, speakers, and domes are exactly. In this blog posting, we will explain. If you are a user of RIC hearing aids you are certain to have come across these terms. Let’s talk about speakers first.

Everything you need to know about conventional and rechargeable hearing-aid batteries

Before the invention of hearing aids with integrated rechargeable batteries, all hearing aids needed to have batteries inserted. Nowadays, zinc-air batteries are used for hearing aids.

What accessories are available for Widex hearing aids?

Widex DEX communication accessories give hearing aid users access to a world of sound. These accessories make it easier to quickly link to remote controls, TVs, personal audio systems tablets and the like. Whether it’s music, phone calls, a TV programme or a remote control that you’re interested in – there’s a DEX for almost any situation.

The top 3 hearing aids for listening to music and Bluetooth support

Making phone calls and streaming music via your hearing aids are possible nowadays thanks to hearing aids that offer direct or indirect Bluetooth support, enabling you to turn your hearing aid into a wireless headset.

What Phonak hearing aids are available and what are the differences between them?

Phonak hearing aids are available in various sizes and styles. The three most common types of hearing aid are behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE), receiver-in-canal hearing aids (RIC) and in-the-ear hearing aids (ITE).

Hearing loss – what to do?

Perhaps you recognise this: people around you have been telling you to get your ears tested for months, maybe even years. You’re not the only one! According to the psychology of the hard-of-hearing, on average it takes seven years until someone recognises that they have hearing loss and take a hearing test. A hearing care professional will do an extensive hearing test to identify your hearing loss. And what if you have hearing loss?

What’s the best hearing aid for me?

If you’re getting your first hearing aid, you probably have many questions and a mental image of a very large and noticeable hearing aid. But often, you won’t need one of those. Your hearing care professional can tell you everything you want to know about the best and most suitable hearing aid for you. But if you want to have that first conversation confident that you are already familiar with the various possibilities, read on.

Why it’s smart to buy a hearing aid at the end of the year AND can it still be done now?

Ice creams are sold especially in the summer, when it is hot and people need to cool down. The gyms fill up again just before the summer so that everyone can go to the beach with a trained body. Even with hearing aids, we see a peak in sales: in December. Why is that and why is it wise to order a hearing aid at the end of the year?

What to do if you need a hearing aid?

Suppose that you have just consulted a hearing care professional, who informed you that it would be wise for you to wear a hearing aid. Whether you were expecting that or not, naturally you need some time to let it sink in. Of course, you could decide to take no action, but that would mean depriving yourself of many wonderful sounds and interesting conversations. No doubt the people you talk to daily would also be happy if you tackled your hearing problems. And remember: use it or lose it – it’s essential to keep stimulating your brain. And the only way to do that is to offer it sounds by means of a hearing aid.

How to choose a hearing aid

The world of hearing aids can be a bit confusing sometimes, as there are more than 26 different brands, as well as various types and models. How do you find the hearing aid that’s best for you? Making the wrong choice means that you will not be able to get everything from your hearing aid that it has to offer, which would be a real pity. In this blog, we provide tips and tricks to enable you to make the right choice and stop being limited by hearing loss