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The world of hearing devices has evolved tremendously with the introduction of a new functionality: remote adjustment. Where previously a visit to a local audiologist was necessary for the adjustment of settings, users can now benefit from the convenience and efficiency of remote service. This does not only save time, but the adjustments are also more accurate. Let's take a closer look at this interesting development.

Remote adjustment systems per brand

Each brand has its own unique system. For example, Starkey calls it Telehear, Signia has Telecare 3.0, and Unitron uses Remote Fitting. Each system requires you to have an updated smartphone on which the manufacturer's app for their specific hearing device is installed. Through the app, you can choose to connect with the audiologist. You can discuss through a video call with the audiologist to make the desired adjustments in real-time.

Let us explain step-by-step what you need to do before the audiologist can make these adjustments.

Connect hearing aid with iPhone

  • Turn the hearing aids off and on again. They are now in pairing mode.

  • Do your hearing aids have MFI (Made For iPhone) capabilities? Pair them to the iPhone via settings > accessibility > hearing aids.

  • For Phonak hearing aids, please go to settings and then Bluetooth. You only need to connect the right device in this case. Not the left.

  • From the App Store, download the app that matches your hearing aid type.

  • Before you can pair the hearing aids in the app, you first need to turn them off and then on again.

  • Follow the steps in the app.

Connect hearing aid with Android

  • Turn the hearing aids off and on again. They are now in pairing mode.

  • Pair your hearing aids with an Android device via Bluetooth. Note: First, connect one and then the other. Do not connect them at the same time. Turn off the one you don't want to connect.

  • From the Play Store, download the app associated with your type of hearing aid.

  • Before you can connect the hearing aids in the app, you must first turn them off and then on again.

  • Follow the steps in the app.

Is everything remotely?

When the possibility to do everything remotely was still in the making, making adjustments from a distance was limited. Especially in comparison with the adjustments one can do in a store. Adjustments like the amplification, ratio of bass, centers, and altitudes were the only things that could be done. Of course, this is now better developed and all adjustments can be done remotely. Furthermore, you can test the new setting directly, because you're already at home in a realistic hearing environment (for example in your home or at a restaurant).

Better hearing test than in the store

Taking a hearing test can also be done remotely. In fact, taking a hearing test with your own hearing aids is much better than in a store where they use universal headphones. So even without a hearing test or audiogram, you can order a hearing aid online and get it set up perfectly!


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