Natural and unnatural: hear the difference for yourself

If sound enters the hearing aid via the microphones, the microcomputer amplifies it precisely for you. And then sent in the ear. This operation in the hearing aid takes a few milliseconds. You can imagine that the sound that comes directly into the ear through the loudspeaker is more likely to be at the eardrum than the hearing aid sound. So there is a difference between the sound that comes through the hearing aid and what comes directly into the ear. This creates a kind of delay or “phase difference”. This phenomenon just makes the sound sound unnatural.

Hear the difference here

Fortunately, the developers of the various manufacturers have addressed this problem..

There is now a hearing aid, the MOMENT from Widex , which has a new chip that is so incredibly fast that hardly any is a delay between the hearing aid sound and the direct sound. Because of this, one is now able to make it sound really natural. The experience is truly unbelievable.

Here you can hear the difference between a normal hearing aid and the only hearing aid that really sounds natural. Discover the difference for yourself!

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By Yvan Karman