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Online-HearingAids.com introduces an innovation: a wearable that is worn behind and in the ear. The Starkey Livio is a wearable with hearing technology. The gadget is adjusted to the specific hearing loss of the wearer and keeps track of the mental, physical and cognitive activity of the user. In addition, the Livio also helps with taking medication and reminds the wearer of appointments with the doctor.

A hearing aid that provides health advice The Starkey livio AI is a revolutionary, multipurpose hearing aid. It is the first hearing aid ever to monitor the user’s mental, physical and cognitive activity. The hearing aid has 3D biosensors and artificial intelligence and has functions such as fall detection and medication reminders. Starkey calls it “Healthable ™ Hearing Technology”. The hearing aid measures the physical and mental activity of the user and assigns points to it.

For example, the device advises on daily exercise and provides insight into whether the user’s brain is optimally stimulated. The pedometer provides insight into the number of steps and is easy to link with other apps. The heart rate measurement function monitors the heart rate and heart rate recovery after exercise, for example. The healtable can also be used to use spoken reminders. As a result, the wearer hears a spoken message in his ear that reminds him of an appointment with a doctor, for example. The same applies to taking medication or remembering to request a repeat prescription.

A hearing aid that can do more than just let you hear In addition to the health features, the Starkey Livio AI has a few more innovations. With the Live Translation function, the user hears 27 foreign languages ​​in Dutch and can speak back via the app. Should the user nevertheless fall, this is detected by the hearing aid and automatically sounds an alarm to a family member or friend with pre-programmed telephone numbers in the smartphone.

The virtual Assistant in the instrument can answer any question directly in the hearing instrument. Wireless telephoning is possible and the devices are easy to operate with the app or even by tapping the ear briefly and inconspicuously. The Lithium-ion rechargeable version ensures that the user never has to replace batteries again. Finally, the hearing care professional can fully set and program these hearing aids remotely via the internet. Handy when the user is away from a store or on vacation. The user can use the devices wireless audio and thus also as earplugs. The device can handle both iOS and Android.

Ambitions Starkey

Starkey wants to achieve the same with hearing aids in the audiology market as Apple’s iPhone has done for the mobile phone industry. Before the iPhone was introduced, a telephone could only make calls or send simple messages. That is why such a phone was only used by about 25% of the people. After Apple introduced the first iPhone 2G smartphone 12 years ago as a completely new multifunctional product, the number of people who own a mobile phone has risen revolutionary: no less than 93% of the Dutch have one. What the American manufacturer wants to achieve is such a revolution in the field of hearing aids. That is why Starkey calls Livio AI a “Healthable”, a device that does a lot for you: naturally hearing well (including music) and understanding, but also proactive support for a healthier and more comfortable life.

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