International zoom meetings difficult to understand? Follow every foreign conversation with this gadget!

Everyone has a knack for languages with this gadget! Imagine; once again you are in a zoom meeting with international clients. Other languages are not really your thing, while it is very important that you can understand what is being discussed. Nowadays there is something for that: The Starkey Livio Edge AI 2400!

Note: the translation function is only available on Livio AI hearing aids in combination with an iOS (Apple) device with an internet connection.

Not just for the hearing impaired

Like many technological industries, the hearing aid industry is also developing at lightning speed. Hearing aids are no longer only suitable for the hearing impaired, they are now also a great aid for people without hearing loss. A good example of this is the Starkey Livio Edge AI 2400. The first hearing aid with a built-in real-time translator. Starkey has long been one of the best hearing aid suppliers on the market, but not every hearing care professional is familiar with it. So it is certainly worth it if you are going to buy a hearing aid and ask the hearing care professional about these options.

Where can I find this function?

Starkey’s Thrive Hearing app offers a variety of options, including the Language Translation function. This can be reached via the menu at the top left of the app. Then you will see “Translate” at the bottom of the menu. That’s where the translation function is located.

How does it work?

Choose your and the other speaker’s language from one of the 27 available languages to start a conversation. When you speak into your iPhone, the Thrive Hearing app translates your speech and displays it on the screen in the other person’s language. Show your conversation partner the screen so they can see what is being said. When the other person speaks into your phone, the app translates their speech, displays it in your language on the phone, and also streams the translated text to your hearing aids in your language. Ideal during a meeting where a different language is spoken than you are used to or of course very handy on holiday if you want to place an order on the terrace.

What else can I do with the Starkey Livio Edge AI 2400?

In your search for the best hearing aid, you will have come across many brands that have an app that works with the hearing aids. What makes the Starkey app so unique are the many functions it has. Besides the great sound quality, this hearing aid can do a lot more. Below we explain a number of functions:

Healthable Technology


  • With the Thrive-Hearing app, every step is counted! You can view the number of steps and your physical activity per day.
  • The hearing aid can detect if you have fallen and then alert selected people about it. Intelligent Assistant
  • Ask your Thrive Assistant about your hearing aids and accessories if you need help.
  • Adjust remotely! The hearing care professional can program changes remotely so that you do not have to visit the store. When purchasing the hearing aid, ask your hearing care professional about how this works.
  • Speech to text. With this function you can have conversations overwritten while you speak. You can save these conversations and easily read them when necessary.


So do you also want to be able to do the above things with your hearing aid? Please contact us so that we can explain our great offer! Discover all our Livio AI hearing aids from Starkey here.

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