Impossible to choose? Phonak Marvel vs. Phonak Paradise: the 10 most beautiful differences!

The Swiss Phonak is one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world. They are continuously improving and adapting the techniques in their hearing aids. Thus, in November 2018, they introduced the Marvel. The device with the latest technologies and the ability to pair directly with smart phone, tablet, TV. All this can be controlled with an app in which you can also make your own preferences and programmes. This makes telephoning, listening to music and watching a film a totally new experience and gives you much more control over what you want your hearing aid to do. And to top it all off, some models are also available in a rechargeable version, which means no more messing around with batteries.

In August 2020, a successor was launched, the Phonak Paradise. Besides all the functionalities that the Marvel already has, it comes with even more options and improvements. The Phonak Marvel will certainly remain available and will have a different price. But the Paradise is a worthy successor.

But how do you decide which is best for you?

Let the following 7 fine differences influence your wishes and choice.

1. The method of sound processing

Phonak has a lot of clever people who have developed a calculation formula (algorithm) and calculated how the computer in the hearing aid should deal with your hearing loss. This calculation formula in the Marvel is different than in the Paradise.

The Paradise reacts more quickly to the variation in loudness of sounds than the Marvel and provides more comfort in noise and loud noises. Reverberation is also eliminated to a greater extent. The Marvel provides a little more amplification for light and medium hearing losses.

2. Automatic operation

The automatic operation in the Paradise has been improved. The major differences are: The noise reduction in the Paradise has been improved compared to the Marvel , resulting in even better speech understanding through the hearing aid. The speech is brought even more to the fore. A motion sensor in the Paradise allows the hearing aid to recognise when you are walking, for example, and thus to pick up the speech of a “fellow walker” from the left.

3. The housing

At first glance, there are few differences between the Marvel and the Paradise, but a closer look reveals differences: the buttons on the back of the hearing aids are narrower, the buttons are more contoured and the bottom of the Paradise is slightly rounder.

4. Bluetooth connection

Whereas with the Marvel you could only connect one phone, with the Paradise you can now connect two smart phones or active “bluetooth classic”.

5. An updated app

The myPhonak app on your phone has gained even more functions with the Paradise; besides functioning as a remote control, a new hearing diary has been added. It keeps track of how much you use the hearing aid. The hearing care professional can send tasks to improve the adjustment of the device. The user can assess certain situations and send them to the hearing care professional. You can change the degree of speech focus and noise will be reduced.

6. Tap control

In the higher technology levels (the rechargeable Paradise 70 and 90), tap control is available. For example, by tapping the hearing aid you can answer/hook up the phone or activate the voice assistant (Siri or Google Assistant). (Siri or Google Assistant). It is also possible to pause the sound while listening to music or watching a movie by gently tapping the device.

7. Speech Enhancer

This function is only available in the Phonak Paradise instruments. It ensures that soft speech (whispering) is amplified.


Actually, the newer Paradise has improved on the Marvel in many areas. The price will therefore be slightly higher. Marvel Both the Marvel and the Paradise are available in different forms. Both the and Paradise are available in different styles, from mild to severe. And each one at a different level of technology. You can compare it to “What’s under the bonnet of a car?

For both Marvel and Paradise, fantastic performance and full connectivity. Both with batteries and in a rechargeable form. Interested in finding out which is the best hearing aid for you? Talk to us!

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