How to choose a hearing aid

The world of hearing aids can be a bit confusing sometimes, as there are more than 26 different brands, as well as various types and models. How do you find the hearing aid that’s best for you? Making the wrong choice means that you will not be able to get everything from your hearing aid that it has to offer, which would be a real pity. In this blog, we provide tips and tricks to enable you to make the right choice and stop being limited by hearing loss.

Extensive hearing test

The most important thing is to have the results of a reliable hearing test, not more than one year old. There are various types of hearing aid, including in-the-ear and behind-the-ear ones. If you order from Online-HearingAids.com, our hearing care professionals will always check whether the product you have ordered matches your hearing loss. Not every hearing aid model is suited to every type of hearing loss! In addition, the results of the hearing test are used to adjust your hearing aid. Without a complete hearing test, your hearing aid cannot be adjusted optimally. The degree of amplification may be set incorrectly, making optimum speech understanding impossible.

Take the hearingtest

How advanced should your hearing aid be?

It is a common misunderstanding that the greater your degree of hearing loss, the more advanced your hearing aid should be. This is incorrect: what really matters is the situations in which you have the most difficulty understanding speech. This determines how advanced your hearing aid should be. If you normally find yourself in quiet situations (one-on-one conversations, meetings with a few people etc.), a somewhat advanced hearing aid will suffice. In more noisy situations (restaurants, large groups etc.) a more advanced hearing aid is required. The more advanced your hearing aid is, the easier it will be to understand speech in more challenging situations. You will have to determine yourself in what kind of situations your hearing loss presents you with difficulties in order to choose an appropriately advanced hearing aid.

Direct smartphone link

Today’s latest hearing aids can be linked directly to a smartphone, enabling you to play music or make calls through your hearing aids. Apps are also available that enable you to adjust the sound. Note that not all hearing aids are compatible with all smartphones, so remember to check in advance whether a hearing aid is suitable for your smartphone.

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