How often does a hearing aid break?

The hearing care professionals at Online-HearingAids.com are regularly asked this question: How often does a hearing aid break? That very much depends on how the hearing aid is handled and in what circumstances the hearing aid is used.

When does a hearing aid break?

The number one cause that a hearing aid malfunctions is moisture and / or dirt that has entered the technology. It is very important that the hearing aid is properly cleaned and dried.

Here you can find more information about the articles you need to keep your hearing aid clean and working. On the instructional videos you can see how to clean your hearing aid.

Despite the fact that you clean the hearing aid very well, it is still possible that the hearing aid breaks.

The hearing aid is a device that is used intensively and on a daily basis. It sometimes happens that the microphones or amplifier have to be replaced after a few years because it wears out due to use. You can notice this because the sound is less clear and that an adjustment by the hearing care professional makes little difference.

How often can a hearing aid break?

You can assume that a hearing aid must be sent for repair twice every 5 years on average.

Our tip is to extend the warranty from 2 to 5 years for € 99,- per hearing aid. This ensures that you do not needlessly incur additional costs if the hearing aid needs to be repaired. A repair costs 149 euros. You can only order an extra warranty if you have also purchased your hearing aid from us

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