How long does a rechargeable hearing aid last (and the battery?)

How long will the battery last?

The battery can last for 24 hours after one charging session, unless you use streaming (bluetooth). If you use streaming, the battery will last about 15 hours. In any case, a whole day. If you are not using the hearing aid, we recommend that you place it in the charger so that you can be sure that you can fully enjoy all the functions that are in the hearing aid the next day.

Note: today’s chargers are smart chargers. This means that a charger will stop charging when the hearing aid is fully charged. This means no damage to the battery can occur.

Warranty on the battery

Because a rechargeable hearing aid has almost a completely closed housing, it is less sensitive to repair. Most hearing aids that are sent for repair have broken because of moisture and dirt that has become lodged in the technology. The hearing aids last between 3 to 5 years, depending on the circumstances in which the hearing aid is used. The more the hearing aid is exposed to, for example, dust, perspiration and humidity, the greater the chance that the hearing aid will need to be replaced sooner. It is therefore very important to ensure that you are using the correct products to clean the hearing aid and to use a charger that has a drying function. And of course we recommend that you make sure that you have a 5-year warranty on the hearing aids. With us, the extra warranty costs 99 euros per hearing aid.


The first rechargeable hearing aids that came on the market years ago contained a battery that you could replace yourself. There were many problems with this charging system because the battery was not well protected against moisture and dirt. This caused the battery to fail prematurely and you often had to replace the battery within six months.


With today’s rechargeable hearing aids, the battery is built into a closed housing. This improvement makes the battery much less sensitive to moisture and dirt. Early replacement of a battery is rarely necessary and is included in the warranty.

Top 4 rechargeable hearing aids

Our hearing care professionals have selected 4 rechargeable hearing aids that are worth checking out:

  • Widex Moment 440 Mric R
  • Phonak Audéo P90-R
  • Resound ONE M&RIE 961

    Why are these 4 rated the best? This is because these hearing aids are both rechargeable and combine the latest software. Do you want to buy these? Then click on your favorite rechargeable hearing aid below.

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