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Order online and receive the set by mail! Buy a hearing aid 100% online? Yes, this is possible! At Online-HearingAids.com we can do EVERYTHING remotely: perform a professional hearing test, set up your hearing aid and even adjust it later.

You also save money with our up to 50% cheaper hearing aids. How exactly does this work? Simple, in these 3 steps:

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Buy and set up 100% hearing aid remotely

Discover below how you can buy, set and adjust your new hearing aids 100% remotely! No more physical visits to the hearing care professional. We explain how this is possible.

Remotely adjusting a hearing aid, how does this work?

No more physical visits to the hearing care professional!

Discover the latest technology with hearing aids that can be set 100% remotely and can also be adjusted.

How does this work? Very easy! Everything can be done via an App on your smartphone.

Everything? Yes everything! Hearing Test, Setup, Adjustment and Adjustment Later!

Please note, not all hearing aids can be used remotely. Discover which hearing aids are possible and click on the button below. Would you like to know more about this as well? Which can! Send an email to our hearing care professional: info@online-hearingaids.com

Which remote devices?

Do you want a remote hearing aid, but you don’t know which one these are? View all hearing aids that the hearing care professional can adjust and adjust for you remotely.

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