How can I use my hearing aid together with my smartphone? Why link them?

Why is it that you keep seeing people wearing wireless earbuds outdoors? Whether they are cycling, driving, jogging or even just walking down the street – people love to communicate. They listen to their favourite music or podcast, talk to friends or use a navigation tool telling them how to get to where they want to be.

Connective hearing aids

But what if you wear hearing aids? Removing them to insert earbuds is far from ideal, as then you’d be hearing your environment poorly. And you may not want to put on large over-ear headphones and look like a DJ at the turntables either. Why not opt for connective hearing aids? The latest hearing aids feature Bluetooth and so are not only suitable for improving your hearing, but also function as a wireless headset! They are the ultimate device, making a virtue out of necessity . Just imagine being given directions straight into your ear while on your way to an unfamiliar destination, or listening to your favourite song while cycling through the city. Now that many more people are working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, it is expected that employees will not be returning to the office full-time, but instead will be working from home at least one or two days a week. A connective hearing aid will enable you to consult with your colleagues wirelessly via a Zoom or Teams meeting – simply ideal! The latest Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids are the ultimate devices for people with hearing loss.

Some hearing aids provide iPhone connectivity only, while others can be linked to both iPhones and Android phones. The latter even use your hearing aids’ microphones to relay your voice, so you don’t have to use your phone’s microphone – it couldn’t be more convenient! Ask your hearing care professional if your hearing aid is compatible with your phone.

A new generation of hearing aids

In the past, people using a hearing aid with an induction loop would have to install an entire system in their living room to be able to hear the TV, for example. Now there are tiny boxes that send your TV’s sound straight to your hearing aid. Ask your hearing care professional for more information. Latest-generation hearing aids are barely visible, so you might get some surprised looks from people who don’t see any earbuds or headphones while you are happily singing along with your favourite song!

In short:

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids allow you to directly:

– Make phone calls

– Listen to music

– Hear navigation directions

– Listen to online meetings <p.– Listen to podcasts

– Hear your TV <p.– Listen to an audiobook

– And much more!

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