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Hearing care professional

What is a hearing care professional?

A hearing care professional is a hearing specialist: a professional who guides, advises and helps you. The hearing care professional does this initially by performing a hearing test to find out whether you need a hearing aid at all. After that, you can expect advice from a hearing care professional about the right hearing aid for your specific hearing loss. The hearing care professional prefers to give that advice after he has also heard your further wishes about a hearing aid. To find out, a hearing care professional will therefore also ask questions about your lifestyle. Based on this, a choice can be made between the different types of hearing aids.

After the advice, the hearing care professional will set your hearing aid for your hearing loss. After the initial setup, the hearing care professional will explain exactly how the hearing aid works and help download the app that comes with the hearing aid. And of course the hearing care professional also explains how to maintain the hearing aid.

In the following years, the hearing care professional is always available. Hearing care professionals often help with additional adjustments later on. Although this is seldom necessary with today’s technology. Your hearing can of course change and in that case the hearing care professional can adjust the settings of the hearing aid. So you can always contact your hearing care professional!

How do our online hearing care professionals work?

Buying a hearing aid at Online-HearingAids.com is much easier than at the hearing care professional around the corner. You can visit one of our stores, but that is absolutely not necessary. You first make a choice for a hearing aid. If you cannot make a choice, we can also advise you by (video) appointment. Then simply send in the results of your hearing test or take a (free) hearing test at one of our hearing centers. We can also do the hearing test with your hearing aids remotely, if you are just at home. Our online hearing care professionals will then set your hearing aid correctly for you.

If you still have problems with your hearing aid, you can of course come by again later. Normally, the price of a hearing aid includes multiple adjustments from the hearing care professional. Since we adjust the hearing aid immediately, you do not have to pay the price for those other visits. For convenience and a low price, you choose the online hearing care professionals from Online-HearingAids.com. This saves a lot of money! Do you wonder: “What does a hearing aid cost?” The hearing aid prices can be found on the product pages of our hearing aids. We are always transparent in this!

Want to know more about our online hearing care professionals? Then read on!