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Phonak Audéo hearing aids

About the Phonak brand

Phonak is a brand where modern technology, innovation and high quality standards are paramount. Phonak is a leading brand in hearing aids, offering a solution for all hearing needs. The devices are largely produced in Switzerland.

Het hoortoestel Phonak Audéo

The Audéo from Phonak is a highly advanced hearing solution in which the Swiss company has focused on a sound experience that is as natural as possible. With these hearing aids, Phonak has gone a step further than the previous models and has been able to make a big step in the search for optimal understanding. We currently sell two series of the Audéo model from Phonak, namely the B series (Audéo Belong) and V series (Audéo Venture hearing aids). Soon we will also add the M series (Audéo Marvel). You can compare these series by clicking the tick next to “Compare” under the product. Check the products you want to compare and see which Phonak Audéo B or Audéo V device suits you.

Advantages of the Phonak Audéo

– The Phonak Audéo has a tinnitus mask.
– The device can automatically adjust to 7 different listening situations. These are situations such as: speech in quiet environments, speech in noise, noise, poor acoustics, music, speech in the car and speech in a lot of noise.
– The hearing aid has a system for moving high tones to the lower tones. This is especially nice with hearing losses where the high tones are so bad that amplification does not have the desired effect. Sometimes amplifying the sound can only cause a tinny sound, you don’t want that of course.
– All hearing aids of the Phonak Audéo Belong platform have a very high dust and moisture resistance (IP68).
– This hearing aid can also be connected to a mobile phone and the television by means of an accessory. This is only the case with the Audéo Belong and Audeó Venture, not with the Audéo Marvel.
– A rechargeable version of this hearing aid is available, the Audéo B90-R . The battery of the new Belong B90-R is fully charged in three hours and then lasts for 24 hours. This allows you to enjoy hearing comfort all day long. If you have forgotten to charge the hearing aid, your hearing aid can easily last for six hours after a charging time of only half an hour. This makes life easier as you no longer have to deal with the torment of disposable batteries. This is much more environmentally friendly. Also check out the Phonak Audeo M90 .

New technologies from Phonak

Phonak hearing aids are powered by the new technologies. For example, because the devices can be connected to mobile telephones and televisions. The Audéo Marvel even works directly. That is why they are very suitable for people who love innovation, but of course also for the hearing impaired who want as much comfort and speech understanding as possible. This hearing aid has been specially developed for people with different types of hearing loss, from mild to severe hearing loss. Phonak’s motto is not for nothing: made for all.

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Interested in trying the Phonak Audéo? Order directly online or please contact with us! Would you rather see the difference between the different Audéo models for yourself? Then tick “Compare” under the product and compare the different types of Phonak Audéo hearing aids with each other. If you are not quite sure which hearing aid is right for you, you can take our online hearing test . You can easily perform this free hearing test behind the computer. This means you do not have to leave the house and you can do it at your own leisure in a quiet environment.

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