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The price of a hearing aid at Online-hearingaids.com

Our prices for hearing aids are much lower than with other hearing care professionals. When purchasing an Online-HearingAids.com hearing aid, you will come by to properly adjust the device during an appointment. The majority of our customers will then have their hearing aid properly adjusted. Isn’t that the case with you? Then you can of course make an extra appointment, for a fee, to have your hearing aid adjusted again. This way you only pay for what you use. Fair enough.

Reimbursement of hearing aids

The different brands of hearing aids that we offer at Online-HearingAids.com all produce great devices. Online-HearingAids.com always tries to keep the price as low as possible for you. Health insurers limit the choice of hearing impaired people because they want to keep an eye on the costs. That is why an insurer only reimburses once every 5 years. Even if your hearing loss has become much greater and you really should need a new hearing aid. In addition, the health insurance company will help determine which hearing aid is most suitable for you, but you would of course prefer to determine this yourself. Do you receive reimbursement for your hearing aid from your insurance? Do not forget that the costs are first deducted from the deductible. A hearing aid will therefore cost you 385 euros anyway, so you don’t necessarily have the hearing aid you want. Whether or not you want reimbursement has consequences for the quality of the hearing aid you wear.

The best hearing aids for you

The price of a hearing aid does not only depend on the service that is included. It also depends on the type of hearing aids that suit your degree and type of hearing loss. The different types of hearing loss mean that not everyone can choose a ITE (in the ear) model. The best hearing aids are therefore the ones that perfectly match your hearing loss. It may also be the case that a certain brand has exactly that perfect hearing aid for you. One brand is cheaper than another, so the price can also be lower or higher than you thought.

Cheap hearing aids

Are you looking for a cheap hearing aid that is of high quality? Then you can also opt for a second-hand or refurbished hearing aid. Our second-hand hearing aids come with a one-year warranty. Read more about cheap hearing aids .

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