Interest in the first interactive hearing aid takes flight to unprecedented heights.

Can KIND HOREN, the distributor in Apeldoorn who represents the manufacturer of this type of hearing aid for the Netherlands and Belgium, already predict the future? No, they are not yet that futuristic, but they do suspect that interest in interactive hearing aids that use Artificial Intelligence will increase significantly from the middle of next week.

What is the case? On Tuesday, October 29, the AVROTROS program “Dokters van Morgen” will devote extensive attention to the first type of hearing aid of this new generation. And it is also the first time that such an innovative product is on national television.

Doctors of Tomorrow

Dokters van Morgen is AVROTROS ‘care program about medical innovations and developments. In this season, Antoinette Hertsenberg will discuss numerous high-profile innovations in healthcare on 6 Tuesdays around 21:25. Each broadcast of Dokters van Morgen has a different theme. The interactive hearing aid plays an important role in the broadcast of October 29, 2019. The fact that this product can also be used as a pedometer or as a translator is considered by the editors to be so innovative that it gets a coveted place in the well-viewed program. In fact, this is the very first time that a hearing aid has been discussed so prominently on national television.

Experiences and Findings

Of course, the hearing aid will be briefly introduced and discussed in terms of functionality. The viewer must understand what the smart device has to offer. But let’s face it: you can convey that information too. What is so special about this broadcast? This is due to the fact that two “well-known Dutch people” are going to discuss their experiences with this type of hearing aid. Antoinette Hertsenberg talks in the broadcast with Kim Feenstra and Michael Graste, among others.

Kim Feenstra

The 34-year-old hard of hearing Dutch actress, fashion model and photographer Kim Feenstra has been struggling with a hearing impairment for almost her entire life. In her early childhood, Kim was involved in a serious car accident that left her hearing damage. Kim Feenstra has been wearing hearing aids since that time and knows better than anyone what requirements a modern device must meet in order to maintain a busy lifestyle. For the program, Hertsenberg asks honestly but penetratingly about Kim’s experiences with an interactive variant

Michael Graste

Amsterdam fashion photographer Michael Graste sees photography as an art form that goes further than just that snapshot. He therefore makes use of all his senses for his art. So also his audience. Only, Michael has been hard of hearing since childhood. So quite difficult if you have to use image and sound for reports. In Tuesday’s broadcast, he talks candidly about his findings.

Are you also watching?

The broadcast of Dokters van Morgen is on Tuesday 29 October at 21:25 on AVROTROS. There is good news for those who unexpectedly will not make it. After the broadcast, the program can be viewed digitally via various online channels such as those of TVBlik and Uitzending Gemist.

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