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Common Problems Checklists

Recently I no longer hear properly

Please first check the following items, before sending your hearing aid return for repair:

  1. 1.There may be a plug (wax) in the ear, usually the hearing aid will give feedback. (a squeaking sound).
  2. 2.Check the battery with a battery tester. If necessary, replace the battery.
  3. 3.If rechargeable hearing aid, check the contacts of the hearing aids and clean the charger itself with special alcohol wipes if necessary. If you have rechargeable batteries that you can replace yourself, check with a normal battery whether the hearing aid works now, if so, order new rechargeable batteries.
  4. 4.Check if the cap is clogged. By cleaning the cap every evening with a damp cloth, you prevent blockage. If necessary, replace the cap / dome.
  5. 5.Replace the filter if necessary.
  6. 6.Check that the earmold is not blocked. If necessary, clean the earmold with the cleaning kit. Make sure you blow dry the tube and earmold thoroughly with a blower, one drop of water can completely close the tube.
  7. 7.Check the tube for small tears or kinks. It can wear out by inserting and removing the tube. Replace the tube if you detect any kinks.
  8. 8.Clean the tube. Detach it from the hearing aid and insert the supplied black wire through the tube. Replace the tube if necessary.
  9. 9.With in-ear hearing aids, it is important to always keep the microphone opening clean and open for good sound quality. You can use a soft brush for this. By lightly brushing over the opening (s), you can easily remove the dirt from the microphone.

Common situations with Ear Molds

I cleaned the earmold and now the hearing aid stops working.

Remove the ear mold from the hearing aid and place the hearing aid in the palm of your hand. Then fold your hand. If the hearing aid whistles / beeps, it is due to the ear mould. The earmould is still clogged. Clean the ear mold again to correct the problem. If the hearing aid does not whistle, the following can help:

1. Check the battery with a battery tester. If necessary, replace the battery.
2. Use the blower to blow the channels of the earmold and the tube dry.

I cleaned my earmolds and now my hearing is much worse.

Check whether the correct earmold is on the correct hearing aid, perhaps the right and left have been swapped. Usually there is a mark on the hearing aid. Right is red, left is blue. If necessary, exchange the earpieces.

Is the correct earmold placed on the correct hearing aid ? Then blow dry the channels of the earmold and the tube with the blower.
Does this not solve the problem? Then please contact with us.

My earmolds do not stay securely attached to my hearing aids.

The tube loses its flexibility and becomes hard due to perspiration and sunlight. This causes the quality of the sound to deteriorate. So replace the tube regularly.

Extra repair shipment information

  • Within the EU you can send your repair with any local carrier. You do not have to do this insured or registered. However we recommend a secured method of shipment.
  • ALWAYS include a repair form in your package.
  • The costs for sending the repair are at your own expense.
  • Do you ship from outside the EU? Then send it with UPS or DHL.
  • Indicate that it is a repair, so ‘Returned goods’ and not ‘Commercial goods’. Please make sure the package weight has been entered correctly. Hearing aids weigh next to nothing. 0.5 kg is often sufficient.
Frequently Asked Questions
My hearing aid no longer works

Have you already replaced your batteries? In addition, it is also possible that the filters need to be replaced.

I can't pair my hearing aids

Unplug your old hearing aids and reconnect with Bluetooth. Check if you have the latest software on your phone and if the app has the latest update.

My device no longer charges

With Phonak hearing aids you can press the push button for 20 seconds. For other hearing aids, check whether the contact points have been cleaned properly. If this doesn’t work either, please contact us.

Are the costs for sending a repair for own expense?

Yes, the costs for sending the repair are at your own expense.

How long does it take to repair my hearing aids?

The time for a hearing aid reparation varies between 7 to 14 working days before a product has been repaired and is ready to be shipped back.

Are hearing aids repaired by the original manufacturer?

Yes, we always send the hearing aids to the original manufacturer for reparations.

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