The 7 must have accessories and gadgets!

Do you always find it so annoying that you are late for an appointment because you do not hear the alarm clock? Or that you did not hear the parcel deliverer ring the doorbell? This can be frustrating

Fortunately, this blog offers the solution! If you have a hearing aid, but you don’t know what the 7 must-have accessories and gadgets are, you may not be using your hearing aid optimally.

So discover in this blog the 7 must have gadgets that will make your life much easier. Be surprised by the best and most useful accessories and gadgets so that you can use your hearing aid optimally and never miss the alarm clock or doorbell again!

There are several things you can use if you have a hearing aid:

Gadget # 1: Hear who rings the bell

There is also a handy doorbell for the hearing impaired so that you never miss someone at the door again. It can be very annoying if you do not hear the doorbell and, for example, miss the parcel deliverer. That is why we sell a doorbell so that that does not have to happen anymore. A doorbell with more sound, but also possibly with flashes of light or a vibration function. You can place the light flashes somewhere in the house so that you can see the flashes well. That way you never have to miss a package again! Do you want to know something nice? This signaling can also be linked to your fire alarm or even the baby monitor.

If you prefer to be warned by a vibration signal, you can also opt for a small box. You can clip this box to your belt so that you are warned everywhere in the house when the doorbell rings.

Gadget # 2: Wake up the alarm!

Alarm clocks should definitely be on the must have list too! If you are hard of hearing, your alarm clock may not wake you up. We have a solution for that. We have alarm clocks for hearing impaired (or just deep sleepers). When you take off your hearing aid in the evening before going to sleep, it is difficult to hear your alarm clock properly in the morning. Be surprised by these special alarm clocks. This way you wake up without sound, but with a vibration function or with light signals. There are also various alarm clocks that you can easily take with you when you go on vacation, for example: travel alarm clocks. These travel alarm clocks have batteries in them and can therefore be clipped under your pillow. These alarm clocks ensure that you can go to sleep with a good feeling and that you are also awakened on time.

Gadget # 3: Track every conversation

Also on the list are the hearing amplifiers! You can pair this device with your device so that you can hear more precisely. This is called solo equipment and can look like a pen or microphone. This external microphone has a direct audio input. This means that you can also connect the audio input to your computer, beamer, TV and of course also your device: everything that has an audio output can therefore be linked. So if you want to hear more focused during meetings through a conference microphone, at home or during a game of bridge, this gadget is ideal!

Gadget # 4: Sleep without a beep

If you suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ears or phantom noise), there is also something that can help you sleep better and more pleasantly, because falling asleep is not easy with a ringing in your ear. The tinnitus pillows make falling asleep easier and you have a better night’s sleep. This pillow contains small speakers that you can connect to an MP3 player or your own mobile phone. This allows you to listen to proprietary music and sound recordings, which have been specially developed for tinnitus patients. You can listen to nature sounds, stereo relax music and white, pink and blue noise. By means of these sounds, the tinnitus masks and the brain is rested. You can now wake up rested, so you can also deal better with tinnitus during the day.

Gadget # 5: Easily understand the TV

The wireless headphones for the TV are also very useful. Understanding television is often a problem if you have poor hearing. Even when you are in the company of other people you do not want to turn up the television all the time. But we have a solution for that. Wireless headphones. However, there are of course hearing aids that can be connected to the TV by means of bluetooth or FM. But, if you already have a hearing aid that unfortunately does not have this function, no problem because with the wireless headphones you do not have to disturb people around you, you can turn the TV as loud or soft as you want! You don’t need much for it, just an audio output at the television. The headphones will then connect to the connected transmitting station. You can also charge the headphones with the transmitter. There are different headphones so you can choose exactly what you like! There are in-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones and bone conduction headphones. So buy a pair of headphones of your choice and make sure you can watch your favorite TV shows again without any problems!

Gadget # 6: Remote control to adjust

First, there is a hearing aid remote control, this is a device / box that can be purchased with your device. Nowadays there are more and more hearing aids with this gadget: ideal! This allows you to adjust your hearing aid without pressing the small buttons on the hearing aid itself. This makes it more visual and easier, because sometimes the buttons are so small that you almost have to take the device off to adjust. This way you can use the remote control to suppress your ambient noises better or, for example, understand conversations better. This remote control makes it easy to operate your hearing aid, without having to go to the hearing care professional in the store. Adjust your hearing aid in every situation how you like it! This way you can enjoy all the sounds around you again.

Gadget # 7: The Phone you always hear

There are also telephones for the hearing impaired. This can be a landline phone, a DECT phone (cordless phone) or even a special mobile phone. The telephone conversations you make can be more difficult if you hear less. For example, it may be that you cannot hear the person you are calling with, so you have to ask all the time if they can repeat it. If you want to hear fine again, you can look at a hearing aid with bluetooth. These types of hearing aids have a remote control that allows your hearing aid to connect to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth. Your phone does need bluetooth

Order your favorite accessory / gadget now!

So do you want to watch your favorite series on TV again without any problems? Want to hear the doorbell when the post is at your door? Or, fall asleep again without suffering from tinnitus and then also wake up on time with your super handy new alarm clock? Then easily buy your favorite gadgets and accessories online so that you can use your hearing aid optimally and enjoy your surroundings to the full again! Discover all accessories here .

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