Four warning signs that you may need a hearing aid

Sign #1:

People around you complaining that you can’t hear or catch what they’re saying. This will be a familiar situation to everyone: you call out to your partner, and they fail to respond, or you’re not quite sure what they say. For someone with hearing issues, this is a time when you should start thinking: Am I just refusing to hear? Am I not properly focused? Or is the truth that I actually can’t hear it? This clearly shows that it’s not only the person who’s hard of hearing who suffers from a hearing problem, but also the people around them too. When someone purchases a hearing aid, the response can often be a very grateful partner and family who feel that their lives have been transformed.

Sign #2

We probably all remember having had a great night out but later on feeling that the music was much too loud. When that happens, you might think: everything suddenly sounds muffled… And… this feeling will quickly go away again. Until such time that you expose your ears to this type of ‘party’ once too often, and that muffled and blocked up feeling just won’t go away. There’s a strong likelihood that you have hearing damage. A few tests at your local Makker store will soon give you a good idea of whether or not this is the case. A hearing aid can be a good solution in cases of hearing loss caused by noise, even if it happened at work.

Sign #3

Using the telephone may be a great way of communicating, but it’s also subject to all kinds of disruptions. It might be a dodgy connection, the reception maybe bad, and of course, it very much depends on how good your phone is. Equally, speaking unclear, using the phone in a noisy environment, or simply not focusing on listening can seriously affect the quality of the conversation. If all of these other (environmental) factors are favorable, and you still have problems hearing, it properly makes sense to get your hearing tested. After all, it could be a sign that you’ve developed hearing loss. In that case, a hearing aid can provide the solution. Did you know that many hearing aids, and even most covered by healthcare insurance, now come complete with a Bluetooth connection? This makes it possible to telephone hands-free using your hearing aid! Drop in at the store for more information!

And last but not least on #4

Is your TV getting louder all the time? Is your partner complaining that the volume is much too high while you yourself disagree? In that case, it’s also quite likely that a test at the audiologist will conclude that there’s something wrong with your hearing. The most difficult situations generally involve programms that don’t have subtitles. However, if people start using a hearing aid, things can often improve significantly. Incidentally, a useful additional feature for hearing aids is a TV connector. Most hearing aids can then connect directly to the TV via Bluetooth, so the sound is streamed straight to your ears. How useful is that?

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