Four signs that your hearing aid needs to be replaced

Do you know that feeling that you suspect that your hearing aids are no longer adequate? When do you decide that you have to look for new hearing aids? These are the 4 signs that your hearing aid needs to be replaced.

1. Your hearing has deteriorated.

In most hearing impaired people, the hearing loss will gradually deteriorate over time. As a result, the type of hearing aid you wear may no longer properly match your hearing loss. If you place an order for new hearing aids, one of our hearing care professionals will check in advance whether there is sufficient margin should the hearing loss deteriorate within 5 years. Sometimes it happens that the hearing has deteriorated significantly and that the hearing aid you are wearing is no longer suitable in relation to the hearing loss. For example, you may have to change from a small cap in the ear to customization if you want to get the most out of the hearing aid. It is therefore very important to have an annual hearing test, so that the hearing care professionals can keep a close eye on the hearing loss.

2. Wearing comfort is no longer good.

Maybe when you started wearing hearing aids you didn’t have itching or sensitive ear canals. It often happens that the longer you wear the hearing aids, the longer you have developed an allergic reaction to the material of the domes or measuring cups. That is why it is very important that the wearing comfort is good, because we want you to forget that you are wearing the hearing aids. If the wearing comfort is no longer pleasant, it may be worth looking at a different type of hearing aid.

3. The hearing aid is defective.

A hearing aid does not have eternal life, it is a user object that is often used intensively. It is therefore important to ensure that you maintain the hearing aids properly. There is a possibility that after 3 years the hearing aid will work less. One of the signs that the hearing aid will soon stop wearing is when battery consumption increases. For example, where you used to do seven days with a battery, the hearing aid now only lasts for five days. You may notice that the sound comes through less clearly, which makes it more difficult to follow the conversations. It may be that you have already gone back to the hearing care professional for this complaint, but despite the fact that they have been adjusted, it remains difficult. The cause will be that the microphones no longer function properly, as the hearing aid gets older, the microphones wear out.

4. The wishes that a hearing aid must meet has changed.

If you wear a hearing aid that does not properly match the different situations, you can experience a lot of discomfort from your hearing loss. It may be that the listening situations have changed in the recent time that you wear a hearing aid. For example, you have changed jobs, so you may work in an open-plan office or that you have to meet more often in large groups. But perhaps you have started a new hobby / sport and that you notice, for example, that you cannot understand the other player properly on the tennis court.

It is therefore very important that, when selecting new hearing aids, you make a list in advance in which (listening) situations the hearing aid must be able to function properly.

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