Don't have to worry about your hearing aid at all? Choose Lyric

There is also a hearing aid that you do not have to worry about in terms of batteries and maintenance, that is the Lyric. The Lyric is actually a kind of contact lens, but for your ear. The Lyric remains in the ear canal for 2-3 months, after which the battery is empty. You can remove the Lyric yourself, but one of our Lyric specialists will place a new Lyric back in the ear after 2-3 months. With this you can enjoy carefree hearing for another 2-3 months!

Lyric benefits:

  • May contribute to reduction of tinnitus (constant beeping, noise or buzzing in the ear )
  • Natural hearing, because the lyric is placed close to your eardrum.
  • Invisible, but really invisible
  • No problems with wearing your glasses because there is nothing behind the ear. =
  • You wear the lyric 24/7 Cons Lyric:

  • If diving is your biggest hobby, choose another device

    Top 5 questions about Lyric: Can it be lost with any hearing?

    No the Lyric is not suitable for every hearing loss, it has a wide adjustment range but for the heavier hearing losses the Lyric gives too little amplification.

    How does it work exactly?

  • The Lyric is placed a few millimeters in front of the eardrum by one of our Lyric specialists. It will stay in the ear for 2-3 months, if the battery is empty remove the Lyric yourself. To replace a new Lyric, you must schedule an appointment with one of our Lyric specialists

  • Can I do everything with it, shower / sleep / exercise?

    The great thing about Lyric is that you don’t have to take your hearing solution into account. You can sleep, shower and exercise with it without having to remove the Lyric.

    Can you swim with the Lyric?

  • You can swim with Lyric as long as you don’t go underwater with your ears. The Lyric is splash-proof, so if a small drop of water gets into the ear, it won’t hurt. We do recommend that you always use swimming caps so that you can be sure that as little water as possible gets into the ear.

    Is Lyric also suitable for children?

  • There is no age associated with Lyric, the most important thing is that the ear canals are large enough.

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