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Connexx Click Sleeve vented x smallConnexx Click Sleeve vented mediumConnexx Click Sleeve vented smallConnexx Click Sleeve vented x small
  • Connexx Click Sleeve vented x small
  • Connexx Click Sleeve vented medium
  • Connexx Click Sleeve vented small
  • Connexx Click Sleeve vented x small
  1. Order and pay for you hearing aid with all the ease of online shopping
  2. Upload your audiogram during your order
  3. The audiologist will fine tune your hearing aid from a distance and will ship them to you within days.


Connexx Click Sleeve


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(these domes are suitable for the Connexx Mini Receiver 2.0)
With hearing aids: 1st adjustment included.
Free chat service with audiologist 7 days a week until 22:00
Low prices guaranteed
2 year guarantee on all hearing aids.
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Pros and Cons


How do you replace a hearing aid speaker? You grasp the hearing aid. On the side where the brand of the device is on, so with the Silver rod you move the pin to the side. Grasp the speaker with your thumb and index finger and pull the speaker out of the hearing aid. Then take the new speaker and press it into the hearing aid. So with your finger on the pin to get the pin back in the right place. Finally, check whether you have really pushed the speaker in.

Would you like to see how this is done on the basis of a video image? Check out our handy How To video here: ? v = HYK0O4JxrTY &


Additional information


6 stuks




Open fitting (thin tube), RIC

Pros and Cons

(these domes are suitable for the Connexx Mini Receiver 2.0)

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Hearing aids - What is included in our prices?

Free first adjustment

Free 2 year warranty

Free filters

Free domes and speakers (if applicable)

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