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Hearing aid on trial? Do a price check here!

Do you have a hearing aid on trial at a hearing care professional (chain)? Then you probably already know what the traditional hearing store will charge you after the trial has been completed.Leave the details from the quotation here and we will make you a counter-proposal!

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Hearing aid on trial? Do a price check here!

Let us know via chat, email or telephone which hearing aid you have on trial and we will let you know what exactly those same hearing aids will cost us. Prefer to do it yourself? That is of course also possible! Search for the hearing aid at the top in the search field and see for yourself that our prices are much lower.

Seen? And now?

Online-HearingAids.com Switch Service

Now that you have determined that we do indeed offer the best price, we will help you (if desired) with finishing your trial at the traditional hearing store. How does it work?

  • You order the hearing aid that you have on trial from us.
  • We will make an appointment with you to set up the hearing aid for you very shortly.
  • You take the hearing aids and any accessories you have on trial with you to the appointment with us.
  • After the appointment, take your new hearing aids home from us.
  • We deliver the devices you have on trial to your hearing care professional and finish it neatly. We will of course provide a confirmation of receipt from your previous hearing care professional.
  • This service is free of charge.
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