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Oticon More Minirite Comparison
Oticon More 1 MiniRITE R - Rechargeable
  • Intelligent functions to make understanding speech easier in noisy situations
  • Better resistant to moisture than their previous hearing aid
  • Direct connectivity to the smartphone
  • No connection with older android phones


Phonak Smartphone HearingAid Connection
Phonak Audéo P90- R - Rechargeable
  • Direct connectivity with the mobile phone (Android and Ihpone)
  • Can connect with two bluetooth devices at the same time
  • Activate voice control by means of the motion sensor
  • stream on both ears at the same time
  • without connecting accessories to all bluetooth devices (such as smartphones, but also TV)
  • direct contact with the hearing care professional via the app
  • have multiple bluetooth devices paired at the same time
  • battery lasts 6 years
  • charger charges quickly
  • The program change with the app does not work properly
  • Not an extensive app that includes a translation function or a fall detection


RS ONE RHI premium charger open scaled 1
ReSound ONE 961 - Rechargeable
  • Remotely adjustable
  • Features Ultra-Focus for better understanding of speech in difficult listening situations
  • Is a rechargeable system
  • Does not work with older android phones
  • Hearing aid is slightly larger due to rechargeable battery
  • Speaker is slightly larger in the ear canal than regular speakers


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