Buying hearing aids remotely from Online-HearingAids.com, how does this work?

Everyone knows how to buy her or his favorite product on the Internet, but what about buying new hearing aids? In this short blog we will explain everything.

Video intake and first appointment

Is this your first time purchasing a hearing aid or are you looking for a replacement device? We can see what you need together via a video intake. Of course you are also very welcome in our store in Naarden if you are in the area. However, we can carry out all our appointments completely online. During the first appointment you can choose a hearing aid behind the ear or in the ear. We also discuss your preference for devices that you can charge or operate with an app. Do you live remotely and do you have an audiogram ready? Then you can send it to us and we will see which hearing aid suits your hearing best.

Make an appointment

Order via website

Have you made a decision? Very well! You can now order your hearing aids (with accessories) via our website. You create a loyalty card so that you can easily purchase your favorite products the next time. At the end of the order you send your audiogram so that the hearing care professional can get started with your devices. In the notes you can mention important details such as: receiver length, large dome, special programs you want in your hearing aids, new or long-term hearing aid user. Don’t have an audiogram? No problem. You can simply order your hearing aids. We will activate this so that we can remotely adjust your hearing aids later in the process.

Confirmation of your order

You will immediately receive a confirmation that you have ordered. In the confirmation email you will also find a link to our explanation page. Here you will also find the manual for your new hearing aid and how to install your app. So keep this email safe! You will receive your invoice in the attachment of our email. You could hand this in to your health insurance fund for possible reimbursement. Does the health insurance fund not reimburse you? No problem, of course you can always hand in the voucher to the tax authorities. We have a tax tool so that you already get an indication of the amount you will get back. This can amount to 1/3 of the purchase amount!


We will get to work for you

We order your order. We will receive the product within a few days and our hearing care professionals will start working for you. Once you have sent your audiogram, the hearing care professional will start working with this audiogram and set up the hearing aids. As soon as the devices are set up, everything is sent to the post. You will automatically receive a track & trace code as soon as your package is posted. Your devices will probably arrive within the same week.

Remote setting

Have you opted for a remote setting? In this case, we will activate the new hearing aids and send it to you. If you have them, you have to download the special app so that we can log into the software together. Of course we will give a clear explanation about this via a confirmation email. Once everything is installed, the hearing care professional can schedule an appointment with you. Both then log in at the agreed time, as soon as contact has been made with the hearing aids and the software, a remote hearing test can be made. After the adjustment you can immediately use your hearing aids! After you have purchased the hearing aids, you can always schedule a remote appointment with us. This costs 39 euros per half hour. All accessories, cleaning products and parts for your hearing aid can of course be found on our website.

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