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Have you ever tried a hearing aid from a traditional hearing aid retailer?
Then you probably know what a local hearing aid retailer charges for this device.

We sell the best hearing aids for the cheapest price. We guarantee this!

Are batteries and first appointment included?

Online-HearingAids.com specializes in advising, selling and adjusting hearing aids. With us you pay the most competitive price for every hearing aid. We believe that the best hearing aids should be accessible to everyone. How we can achieve this? We think slightly differently than the hearing care professional in the store. At Online-HearingAids.com you get everything you need for your hearing aid: a good initial fitting of the device, adjusted to your hearing. And of course you also get a pack of batteries right away so that you can hear better right away. That is mainly the big difference in price. Many visits and follow-up checks are included in the price at the hearing care professional around the corner. This is not necessary for a large number of people and they actually pay too much. If you would like to visit one of our certified hearing care professionals more often, you are always welcome. Our hearing care professionals have an eye for your ears . For every appointment you make, we charge the time that we spend on you. So you only pay for what you use. Fair enough.

We help as much as possible online

We have a great knowledge of online customer service. We save a lot of costs by working a lot with the internet and by often having communication via this medium. Costs that we therefore do not have to charge. In this way we keep good hearing aids accessible to everyone. And you don’t have to worry in terms of service. We also have a certified hearing care professional available to provide you with service, both in our hearing centers and online.

No range of shops

Unlike many large chains, we only have 1 hearing center and have many service points around the world. So we don’t have to maintain dozens of stores or spend a lot of money on marketing to keep all the stores busy. This is also how we keep costs low for you.

No high marketing costs

We do not advertise on television or radio and save a lot on our marketing costs. This is how we keep the price of a hearing aid low.

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