A table microphone, what is it and what's in it for you?

When you are socializing with friends or in a meeting with colleagues, it is important that you understand everyone around you well and are not hindered by poor hearing.

With a good hearing aid (such as the Livio, Livio Edge AI and Livio AI) you can hear and understand well in most environments. Yet there are hearing situations that are “challenging” even with these advanced devices. This mainly concerns meetings with several conversation partners or when there is a lot of background noise. You can think of: a dinner in the restaurant, at home with friends, a meeting with colleagues, or in the car with the family. All situations where sound comes from different sides, and it is difficult to focus on the voices that matter to you.

Starkey 2.4 GHz Table Microphone: the hearing solution in a company

Place this small disc in the middle of the table and it “picks up” the voices of your conversation partners and plays them (via a Bluetooth connection) in your hearing aid. The TableMic is equipped with 8 microphones around, so that it can pick up sounds from any direction. You can choose to have the device automatically respond to the direction from which the sound is coming, but you can also lock it to one or two conversation partners. You can also hang the microphone with someone, with the supplied cord. This allows you to understand the speaker well, even when he is at a distance. And finally, you can use the accessory as a TV streamer to hear the television better.
I am most enthusiastic about using the Table Microphone in company, because you really get more out of the conversation and can therefore actively participate in it.

Compact and unobtrusive

When I got the TableMic, I hoped it wasn’t too big because, to be fair, you want a hearing aid to be compact and unobtrusive. When I opened the box I was positively surprised: the disc is only 7cm in size. And the design looks sleek. No unnecessary fuss. I am very satisfied with the appearance. With the accompanying rubber protective cover and bag, it is also well protected and neatly stored. This is also important, because it is a utensil that you can take with you everywhere.

Easy to use

The manual seemed very brief for such an advanced device, but it turned out to contain all the explanations I needed. The accessory is very easy to operate, so I did not need more information. I was able to handle it immediately. Few buttons, just the way I like it

Always in my bag

So I am very satisfied with the Starkey 2.4 GHz Table Microphone. It helps me in difficult hearing situations to get more of what is being said, so that I feel part of the conversation again. The TableMic is easy and quick to use; just turn it on, put it on the table and he does it. I take it everywhere. Highly recommended!

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