A chain's own brand. What are the pros and cons?

Many chains also offer their own brand hearing aids. What kind of hearing aids are they and is it interesting to purchase a private label hearing aid? In this blog you can read more about the following points.

  • Private label hearing aid, what is that?
  • Advantages of private labels
  • Cons private label

  • Private label what is that?

    A private label hearing aid is a hearing aid that is only sold by a specific chain. In all cases, they are devices that are identical to the properties of another hearing aid. Most manufacturers rename their hearing aids by order of a chain. So it looks like a device that is sold exclusively at a chain. In reality, the hearing aid is the same as the original hearing aid, usually a well-known hearing aid brand.

    Advantages of private labels

    For you as a hearing aid user, we cannot really name many advantages of a private label hearing aid. They are not necessarily cheaper, for example. The simpler private label hearing aids are reimbursed! But that also applies to simpler hearing aids from the original brands.

    Cons private label

    We believe that a disadvantage of private label hearing aids is that you can be helped especially well at the chain. The service becomes more difficult for other hearing care professionals. For example, we can only adjust private brand hearing aids for you after we have purchased the special software. In that respect, you are more tied to the party where you bought the hearing aids. The purchase of accessories is also more difficult. The accessories of the original brand sometimes work together with your hearing aids, but often they don’t. Again, you are more or less tied to the party where you also bought your hearing aid. While accessories can sometimes be ordered cheaper online.

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