The Progression of Hearing Support: From Telecoil to Aura Cast

In the rapidly changing landscape of hearing support, traditional communication methods are giving way to innovation. The promising prospects of this innovative technology suggest that the future of hearing aids is bright and wireless. Soon, we can expect hearing aids to not only perform better, but also integrate seamlessly with users' modern lifestyles. Let's take a look at why the telecoil is considered old-fashioned and discover how the exciting alternative, Aura Cast, is taking our hearing aid experience to a new level.


Telecoil on Its Way Back!

Traditional loop systems face limitations that can affect the listening experience. The propensity for interference and limited location-bound usability make them less attractive in an era when mobility and flexibility are crucial. Moreover, they are limited to specific locations, making mobility a challenge. 

Also noteworthy is the decline of manufacturers dedicated to integrating loop technology into their hearing aids. This shift in market trend underscores the growing recognition of the limitations of the telecoil.


A New Era of Connectivity: Aura Cast

Aura Cast represents a promising shift toward advanced connectivity in hearing aids. Instead of being limited to location-based signals, Aura Cast uses modern wireless technology to provide a seamless listening experience wherever you are.

Using Aura Cast means that hearing aids can communicate directly with different devices without the need for a physical loop. This wireless connectivity opens the door to more dynamic and personalized sound reproduction.


Sounds complicated? Here are a few examples of how it can be applied:

  • Using Auracast, you can now hear announcements loud and clear at train stations and airports.
  • Following an audio tour of a museum, film or theater performance is now flawless.
  • Also, you can now connect hearing aids to a TV in a public place such as the TV in the gym, the TV in the doctor's waiting room or the TV in your home.

There are many more options like this.


Conclusion: A New Chapter in Hearing Support 

As we slowly say goodbye to the familiar telecoil, Aura Cast is poised to lead the way as a promising alternative. Soon we can expect hearing aids with Aura Cast to enter the market, bringing a breath of fresh air to the world of hearing support. This advanced wireless technology not only promises liberation from the limitations of the loop, but thus offers greater convenience for the hearing impaired, especially in locations such as public places.


Resound Nexia 

The very first one with the built-in Bluetooth feature has already been launched. The Resound Nexia is the very first hearing aid with the new Bluetooth feature Aura Cast. Since there are fewer and fewer manufacturers offering the old-fashioned hearing aids, they will be replaced in the coming years by the new standard hearing aids with Aura Cast. Like any hearing aid, the Resound Nexia is available in a variety of colors such as gold, black, espresso, bronze and more. Of course, the Resound Nexia also takes with it other benefits. The first is visible downsizing. Compared to the old one, the new Resound Nexia is as much as about 25% smaller and more comfortable. Impressively, the battery life is now 30 hours. Empty? Leave it on for a while before sleeping and enjoy clear and natural ambient sounds the next day.


Afbeelding AuraCast

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