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60 Day Trial Hearing

You unpack the hearing aids and then the great hearing can begin. You have 60 days to make sure you really hear and understand well. Otherwise, simply return the hearing aid.

Suppose you don't like it...

It rarely happens, but we never make a fuss about it. We are not like that. If you are not happy, simply return the hearing aid.

Money Back

If you return the hearing aids within 60 days, you will receive a refund of the purchase price of the hearing aids. We guarantee this. We only charge for custom-made hearing aids in-your-ear (a few tens).

Curious about the experiences of other customers?

Online-HearingAids.com has more than 10,000 customers across 40 countries. We are curious what our customers really think of our service. Our customer Manuel from Italy tells you more about his experience at Online-HearingAids.com.


How does a 60-day trial of hearing work?

You want to hear well in all listening situations. You cannot create all these situations in one day. That is why you have 60 days to use the hearing aids for 60 days without risk. If for whatever reason the devices are not to your satisfaction, you send the devices back by post. The full purchase amount of the hearing aids will be refunded to you within 7 days after the termination of the agreement. We will wait with refund until we have received the goods back.

Can I try the hearing aids without ordering them?

Yes, you can test the hearing aids for 60 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return the hearing aids and we will refund the full purchase amount of the hearing aids within 7 days.

When does the 60-day hearing trial start?

The 60 days start from the day you order the hearing aids. But if you hand them in on the 61st day, we’re not the faintest either.

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