4 things you can do at home to keep your hearing healthy

Almost everyone is feeling the effects of the Corona pandemic, where social distance has become the norm. This social isolation can be particularly challenging for people who use hearing aids or who have hearing loss. Caring for our hearing health is now more important than ever to ensure that people can stay in touch with each other and access important information. How can we continue to take good care of our ears in a 1.5 meter society? Here are four things you can do to prioritize your hearing health during the Corona pandemic.

1. Check that your hearing is healthy

The lockdown has given many of us extra time at home, so there’s no excuse for not keeping your hearing health in top shape. Try a Online hearing tests to give you an idea of the condition of your hearing and help you with what you can do to improve this.

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2. How do you protect your hearing against loud noises

You cannot completely prevent age-related hearing loss, but you can certainly prevent further hearing damage from loud noises. While listening to loud music can be wonderful at times like these, it can also be bad for your ears. Be careful not to turn up the volume too high when using headphones, and use noise canceling whenever possible to drown out outside noise. Wearing earplugs or hearing protectors when using loud machines, for example, also help to protect your hearing. Also, noise from household appliances is often louder than we think, and even a short exposure to loud sounds can be harmful if the volume is very high.

Stay active and eat sensibly

Whether it’s a YouTube aerobics class or your daily walk around the corner, exercise is an essential part of staying healthy. In addition, studies show that physical activity can help delay or even prevent age-related hearing loss. If you wear headphones during your activities, make sure to keep the volume low to avoid damaging your hearing. Paying attention to what you eat also helps keep your ears in good condition. Research shows that a healthy diet is linked to a lower risk of hearing loss. Another healthy choice you can make is to quit smoking, as research has shown a link between smoking and hearing loss. There are also hearing aids that can be worn by people without hearing damage that can measure your heart rate during exercise. That is why it is no longer called a hearing aid, but a “wearable” or “healthable”. The Starkey Evolv Ai 2400 is an example of this.

Give yourself an accurate hearing test at home

Undiagnosed hearing loss can leave people feeling isolated, even without the Corona measures. People often feel that they are the only one with hearing loss. Good to know that one in three people aged 65 and older lives with hearing loss. Because everyone was urged to stay at home, the hearing tests had to be done in a different way. A new accurate hearing test using ReSound Assist Live can be performed easily, comfortably and safely at home, whether you already wear hearing aids or are considering them.

OnlineHearing-aids.com audiologists specialize in these remote hearing tests and guide you through the simple process by means of video calling. In preparation for the hearing test, hearing aids will be delivered to you by post. The test is then performed remotely by your hearing healthcare professional. The hearing specialist will guide you through the simple process by telephone or by video calling. This allows you to check your hearing in a professional manner without having to physically visit a hearing care professional. This is not only essential in the current corona era, it is also useful for future convenience and for people with limited mobility.

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